Our Product

Boron is one of the seven essential micronutrients to all kinds of plants.

Its application is crucial to optimize the productive potential of crops, as well as to improve the quality of harvests.

It is a micronutrient with a macro function if compared to topdressing such as N, P, and K. Despite being used in small quantities, it enhances production by increasing the number, quality and size of the grains on each plant.

Numerous analyzes indicate widespread deficiency of available boron in all soils where agriculture is practiced. The lack of this micronutrient affects all crops.

In this context, considering the importance of this element, Sulboro has developed BOROTOP, a differentiated source of boron, specific for agriculture, more concentrated and easily absorbed by plants.

The results obtained in over 10 years of experience with major producers of corn, soybeans, cotton, wheat, sugar cane, coffee, sunflower, and others, accredit us to provide this product with complete reliability. Contact Sulboro and see the advantages of our product in your crops.


Presentation, Characteristics and Technical Specifications

Packing:2 and 25 kg bags
Usage:Via soil
Appearance:White Powder
Solubility in Water:9.5% at 20 °C (Highest of the market)
Boron Concentration:20,5%
Neutral pH:6,9 (solution at 1%)
Storage:Dry location, room temperature
Note:It is not corrosive and does not clog sprayer nozzles.



Because Boron is closely linked to organic matter, we generally recommend applying BOROTOP via soil when desiccation is performed. This results in homogeneous distribution and availability of boron in the soil from germination.

The indicated amounts of BOROTOP per hectare vary according to the needs of each crop. Below is our standard indication, noting that one should always follow the technical guidance of an Agronomist, considering the particular characteristics of each crop and region.

Soybean2 Kg/ha
CottonUp to 6 Kg/ha
Beans2 to 3 Kg/ha
Sunflower8 to 10 Kg/ha
Corn2 Kg/ha
RiceUp to 9 kg/ha
Wheat2 Kg/ha
SugarcaneUp to 6 Kg/ha
Eucalyptus20 g per tree, 3 times a year
Barley2 Kg/ha
Canola3 Kg/ha
Fruits and VegetablesAccording to specific guidance for each crop
Grapes40 kg/ha